UNIVERSITY OF ITALIAN SWITZERLAND (Swiss leader) and ALGO4U will develop an algorithm and a software that captures and converts 2D “cardiac imaging”, given by the hospitals, into 3D images. The primary focus will be on the circulatory system apparatus with a particular attention to its key organ, the heart. CE ADVICE will carry out the creation phase of CRM and CSM for the encrypted management of data, information, and 2D and 3D images. TECHINNOVA (Italian leader), thanks to its FabLab, will develop a laboratory dedicated to the study of materials and printing techniques by using PLA and SLA printers, both with common materials and with polymers, made for that project. MTM, with the use of virtual reality techniques, will slice 3D images for assembling customized mockups based on the needs or requests of hospitals and medical schools. The CNR will carry out a comparative analysis of the mockups based on the selected 3D printing analysis while HNR will take care of the system integration phase by creating a web platform for information exchange.

The MMM project was started by multi-year skilled leaders. USI and its Institute of Computational Science (ICS) are considered among the leading experts for the development of algorithms for interpretation and transformation of 2D/3D images internationally. Techinnova has been creating networks between companies and research institutes for ten years and is also experience in working in the field of modelling an HW/SW system integration phases. It has developed some models for the study of use-cases that are used by large companies til now.

The partners chosen are among the transnational excellences in order to guarantee a fruitful and useful cooperation for the best development of the project and the know-how of each of the partners in a synergistic way. The coordination and evaluation team will select appropriate KPIs to constantly monitor and ensure the joint and cooperative development of the activities. The plan for creating mockups requires heterogeneous skills.

The project is addressed to a large group of users. This project can also enrich the realtionship between doctors and patient. Most of the doctors in this field are private. With the help of the MMM project, private doctors can find surgical intervention plans and therapies adapted to the needs of their patients and present it to them. Furthermore, the mockups can also be used to improve education. It can be used in universities that offer courses in medicine, in the biomedical field or in other related fields.